Just to tell all present and future customers who are contemplating electrolysis treatment that its worth the pain (which lasts a second ) and gives results very quickly. I highly recommend it to get rid of unwanted facial hair ..by J.Morgan

I had IPL and electrolysis and found it VERY successful, everyone was friendly, professional, helpful and extremely informative, I would highly recommend them. by Mary

I have been a regular client of the Beauty Therapy Clinic for 8 years. I have always found them to be professional, friendly and discreet. Friends often comment on the how few facial lines I have and how good my complexion is. I have no doubt that the regular treatments of rejuv keeps my skin toned and firm. Alternate treatments of Crystal Clear, which removes old cells and oxygenate and Hydradermie, which deeply cleanse and moisturise the skin, gives me the complete package which keeps my skin in '"tip top" condition. The Beauty Therapy Clinic have keep the hands of time at bay............Money well spent I think!!!.by Anonymous Client

I have been a client at The Electrolysis & Beauty Therapy Clinic for around 15 years. In my early 30's I had 'difficult skin' that was still prone to teenage spots & acne. I discovered the Cathiodermi facials which made a huge improvement to my skin (and my confidence). Over time my skin matured and I became more aware of the laughter lines and so booked a course of Caci treatments. I was delighted with the results and I now have a treatment every 5 weeks to keep my facial muscles as firm as they were 10 years ago. Sam and her team are always accommodating and professional and I view my appointments as Essential Maintenance. by Sarah Norris

I have been a client at The Electrolysis & Beauty For over 6 months I have been using Priori products to cleanse and moisturise my face and I love them! My skin is clearer and has a more refined appearance with less noticeable pores. I have combined this daily skincare routine with regular Comcit facials which plump-up my skin and leave it glowing. I've been complimented on how good my skin looks, so the results speak for themselves. by Ms JN

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