Pro-Age Treatments

Pro-Age Treatments

Pro Age Treatments involve the stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin to improve lines,wrinkles and loss of tone. Ageing Skin- Ageing skin can be the natural accompaniment of advancing years or can be the premature result of incorrect or insufficient care during youth. Ageing usually begins with the onset of maturity (beginning around 25 years of age, however the main onset is approx. 40 years of age).


  • Specific changes occur in the external appearance, which are taking place simultaneously with the internal functioning of the epidermis and cutaneous tissues.
  • Skin loses flexibility
  • Skin loses elasticity
  • Skin becomes thinner developing lines and wrinkles
  • Decreased permeability of the skin (which is associated with the loss of elasticity and impaired cellular nourishment)
  • Skin colour usually becomes sallow (due to changes in the keratinisation process and sluggish circulation)
  • Skin becomes drier
  • Greater possibility of allergic response in skins, which are weakened by age and disease.


  • The normal physiological changes in the female skin are closely associated with altered or reduced production of hormones.
  • Thinning of tissues
  • Loss of collagen fibres (which gives skin its strength and firmness)
  • Loss of elasticity- elastin fibres lose their ability to stretch and relax with underlying muscle activity


  • Local Erythema- reddening of the skin due to increased activity of the blood vessels
  • Thickening of the skin- UV has a stimulating effect on the cell-producing layer of the epidermis, causing thickening of the skin. This acts as a protection against further irritation of UV light.
  • Desquamation- UV accelerates the skins normal shedding process. Amount of peeling varies with the strength of the erythema.
  • Pigmentation- Wavelengths between 2.80-3.30nm, absorbed deep in the epidermis, initiates a chemical reaction. The amino acid tyrosine is converted to melanin. This gives the skin a bronzed appearance. The pigmentation acts as a filter and provides protection against further dosages of UV light.
  • Production of Vitamin D
  • Gives a general tonic effect
  • Effects of UVA Rays- Penetrate more deeply than UVB rays- cause destruction of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis thus accelerating wrinkles and ageing.
  • Effects of UVB Rays- Responsible for main erythema production. Most damaging, burning rays.
  • Effects of UVC Rays- Most of UVC rays produced by the sun are absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach the skin. UVC rays are described as biotic- harmful to living things.
  • The skin loses its natural ability to absorb and retain sufficient water causing superficial dehydration.
  • Decline in the cholesterol content of the skin- influences the amount of sub dermal fat and contributes to a withered look.
  • Regeneration of the epidermis is reduced and the skin looks thin.

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