Hands, Feet & Nail Care

Hands, Feet & Nail Care

Just like the rest of our faces and bodies your Hands , Feet & Nails need looking after. Your cuticles (the bit of skin around the top of your nails) can become dry, split and over grown. Nails can be dry, brittle and dehydrated. Skin can become chapped, dry, dehydrated, sun-damaged, pigmented and aged.
It is therefore important to moisturise and protect your hands and nails with creams and SPF's.

Feet will need extra attention and products to deal with hard calloused, rough, thick skin that accumulates on the heels. Left untreated (especiallly in winter as they are usually hidden away in socks and boots) this skin builds up becoming unsightly, cracked and sometimes painful.

Manicures and pedicures are generally recommended at 4-6 week intervals to keep your skin and nails in good order.

Gel polish lasts longer than ordinary lacquer, usually up to 14days, but it does need to be removed professionally. Never pick or peel gel polish off as this will cause damage to your natural nail.

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